The Hokkaido Agricultural and Livestock Revival Association Corporation provides farm operators, businesses, and organizations seeking support and improved business management in the fields of agriculture and livestock with ways of optimally maximizing their operations.

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What is the Hokkaido Agricultural and Livestock Revival Association Corporation ?

About the association

  1. About the association

A message from our president

The Hokkaido Agricultural and Livestock Revival Association Corporation

President Shinichi Hosozawa


The agricultural industry today is facing a number of growing challenges.

As inexpensive agricultural products are increasingly imported from overseas, Japanese food-producing regions will bear the impact of this change more and more.


This will bring into question the true value of all economic aspects of the agricultural industry. There will emerge new areas in which traditional agricultural methods will not suffice, which will call for a new style of farming in which multi-polar business methods are sought, as well as a newfound emphasis on exports and experiential tourism.


Hokkaido is a cool climate in which the agricultural and livestock products produced are packed with rich flavor.

Sweets made from dairy and agricultural products here have wide penetration and popularity overseas and throughout Asia, making Hokkaido products a "brand name" good.


As a haven for agriculture, Hokkaido is pursuing a form of transparent agricultural tourism in which people can come to see the entirety of the farming experience, from cultivation through processing, allowing them to better understand and personally evaluate what Hokkaido has to offer.


In addition, providing experiential tourism offerings with overnight stays can provide an additional revenue stream.

The carefully produced, fresh agriculture and livestock products of Hokkaido result in new forms of foods and sweets, which will in turn translate to greater penetration overseas and recognition of local Hokkaido farms and the region itself.


Agriculture can be a difficult and trying line of work, but new and innovative forms of management will draw a young generation to its charms and contribute to new people taking up the torch.


Through the association, we seek to vitalize Hokkaido's agriculture and livestock industries and create a new form of agriculture industry business that gives back to the environment and society. We want to create a positive, forward-looking feedback loop for the future and improve our local region.

Our mission

「Reviving the world's livestock industries from Hokkaido 」


Hokkaido is home to a range of agricultural and livestock technologies the likes of which are not found anywhere else in the world.

Through this technology, we are confident that we can solve the myriad issues faced by today's agriculture and livestock industries and revitalize them to unlock their true potential.


Through these, profit advantages to your business can be enjoyed, and we will work together to forge a sustainable agriculture and livestock industry.

We encourage you to trust our technology and take pride in working with us to revitalize the agriculture and livestock industries.


Research into agriculture and livestock allows us to provide optimal methods for revitalization and restructuring for farming operators seeking support for the improvement of their businesses.


Seeking to achieve effective concentration of agricultural resources and production of livestock, we are creating a farming organization that promotes the production of safe agricultural and livestock products and training of skilled personnel.


We aid in expanded distribution of the downstream products both in Japan and overseas and, in so doing, are seeking to revitalize Hokkaido's agricultural and livestock industries.

Organizational overview

Organizational name

The Hokkaido Agricultural and Livestock Revival Association Corporation


Business contents

Use of the new "Yanagimotodake" material for soil regrowth and improvement of agricultural and livestock businesses services.


Board members

President Shinichi Hosozawa

Vice president Takao Endoh

Director Tadashi Miyamoto

Director Hidehiro Kamada

Director Yoshihiro Morita


Business partners

Agricultural union corporation Hosozawa farm

Interuna East, Inc.

Environmental Health Laboratory, Inc.

Tsukamoto mills, Inc.

Morita, Inc.

Yanagimotodake industrial development association corporation

Japan Eco Pack, Inc.

WebSanta, Inc.


Approval for establishment



TEL numbers



FAX numbers




Please direct all contacts to use through the contact form here.


Business hours

Reception time on weekdays from 10 AM to 5 PM.

※Our support offered on weekends and holidays with advance booking



Dai52matsui Bld.4F, 10-1-1, Hiragishi 3-jo, Toyohira-ku Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 062-0933, Japan

Our initiatives, performance, and future trajectory

Heisei22(2010).2.22 Why we established the association

This association was established in order to allow agriculture and livestock industry operators, agents, educators, farm developers, flour millers, product developers, and more to contribute to revitalizing Hokkaido's agriculture and livestock industries and creating a new business model for the future.



Heisei22(2010).3 - Heisei24(2012) Increased production of rice as fodder

With changes to the structure of industry and the move away from rice as a staple food, the area of tilled soil on farms has declined, leading to a major contraction in the number of farms and a lack of people to fill these jobs.

To that end, we formed the association in order to seek out new and sustainable agricultural business models.


We focused on rice fodder as a potential source of livestock feed, organic fertilizer, and effective use of livestock waste. Seeking to promote the more widespread use of rice fodder, we procured a range of products and, seeking to expand production and awareness of this method, launched a series of seminars for agricultural professionals.



Heisei25(2013) - Heisei28(2016) Experiment into effective use of agricultural waste and plant growth

We have launched various experiments using organic waste material (solid and liquid waste) produced from dairy farms, as well as a form of "clustered soil" with a new structure that is less prone to breaking down.


After extracting and processing methane gas produced on farms, waste was used to produce a new liquid fertilizer free of odor, and we tested disseminating it to nearby farms.


In a test of dispersing "Yanagimotodake" to crops of wheat and greenhouse tomatoes, both outdoor and indoor crop yields improved and produced greater sugar content, making this test a success.


"Yanagimotodake" grows quickly and can be used in decayed mountainous regions, as well as an alternative wood in place of existing lumber.

It can yield a much quicker profit after felling than traditional forms of lumber.


In the field of civil engineering, the material can be used to prevent corrosion of coastlines and create prevent landslides, among other safety and beautification improvements.

"Yanagimotodake" is a new plant rich in diversity and contains high ethanol and plant fiber content, so it can act as an earth-friendly alternative product in applications like foods and pharmaceuticals.


Through our test pilots, we have developed a proven technology that is suited not only to Hokkaido's climate, but to the more temperate climates of Japan's Honshu mainland and to regions in Asia and the world.



Heisei29(2017) - Our future initiatives and outlook

We are soliciting new association members both in the area of growers of "Yanagimotodake" and developers and vendors of secondary products making use of the material.


Through efforts in the environment and the areas of forestry and agriculture, we are helping support the protection of domestic forests and bringing new residents to underpopulated areas.


We produce web sites and promote participation among corporations and other bodies in order to drum up support among various groups for the execution of these initiatives.