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Are you interested in improving your business through the use of New liquid fertilizer ?

“New liquid fertilizer”

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What is “New liquid fertilizer” ?

"New liquid fertilizer" is a newly-developed form of liquid fertilizer.

Feature of “New liquid fertilizer”

・This “New liquid fertilizer” has no foul odors, making it suited to home gardens and urban gardens, minimizing any disturbance to neighbors.


・Many homes are located in regions with elevated nitrous oxide levels, but after fermenting methane and using the ensuing liquid, there are fewer volatile fatty acids, enabling the plant to better absorb the fertilizer and grow.


・By blending with a specialized form of soil cluster, the fertilizer retention improves, and the clustered form allows the fertilizer to remain effective for longer periods of time.


・ This “New liquid fertilizer” is more economical than chemical fertilizers, allowing you to maximize your budget.


・The commercial product is sold in 1L plastic bottles for compact storage, improving ease of use in urban gardens.


・Making use of multi-cultivation methods, such as with greenhouses, typically makes it difficult to add extra fertilizer, but liquid fertilizer handily solves this issue.


・Unlike solid fertilizer, the plant substance allows for regulating density.

Achieve a continuously stable and optimal supply of nutrients.


・Adjusting the density ahead of time eliminates issues of the fertilizer "burning" or "shocking" plants, minimizing the stress on the roots and achieving faster dissemination.


・In the event of an abnormality, immediate measures can be taken, preventing a chain reaction from spreading through the crop and allowing for taking steps tailored to the plot.


・Creating an improved soil bed is achieved by making use of dedicated diffusing vehicles that efficiently disseminate fertilizer.

Tilling the soil with specialized soil clusters also allows for revitalizing the ground towards fertile soil.


And much more... in this way, “New liquid fertilizer” is truly a treasure of trove of untapped potential !

We would consider it a great shame to not share these assets with the world.

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We encourage you to make use of “New liquid fertilizer” to improve your firm's (or organization's) business and work with us to give back to society.


If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about “New liquid fertilizer”, or if you are even the slightest bit interested, would you like to know more ?

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We endeavor to handle all of your inquiries in a serious fashion and with good faith.


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