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"Special clustered soil"

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What is "Special clustered soil" ?

"Special clustered soil" is using contains particles of soil agglutinated together, making small clusters and inside, small capillary pores create air pockets, aerating the soil.

If we were to compare this soil to marbles, while the marbles are standalone globules on their own, when clustered together in a bag, they become a congeries, with a porous structure between their boundaries.

Feature of "Special clustered soil"

・Even in conditions with poor soil, adding about 30% of our special soil clusters enables efficient improvements to your bed of soil.


・Use of these special soil clusters allows for this "good soil" to intermingle with the existing soil to improve it in a simple fashion, improving farming plots, including those affected by natural disasters.


・Creating a 10 centimeter layer beneath the top soil of nutrients and dissolved enzymes fosters the growth of helpful bacteria, creating the ideal soil climate.

This allows the plant to absorb the nutrients it needs and foster the growth of microbial matter within small spaces.


・Enjoy improvements even in tough, clay-like soil.

The clustered soil is black in color, and as it absorbs sunlight, the soil heats up.

In addition, adjusting the formulation to a light alkaline content helps aid growth of plants and produces an excellent soil climate.


・Improved quality of tomato crops using greenhouses also leads to greater yield.


・Even in wet peatlands with weak soil in which heavy machinery cannot be brought in, ordinary tractors can be used to till the soil and improve rigid soil beds into high-quality terrain, allowing for a larger crop-yielding plot.


・Improved fertilizer diffusion enables helpful microbes to flourish. Diminishing traditional chemical fertilizers also cuts down greatly on fertilizer costs.


・Drip dispersal of liquid fertilizer allows for adjusting the amount of nutrients and moisture provided.


・Improve crop yield with year-round cultivation.

Reusing heat energy in winter and high-quality farm compost allows for promoting the use of circulatory greenhouse farming that gives back to the environment.


And much more... in this way, "Special clustered soil" is truly a treasure of trove of untapped potential !

We would consider it a great shame to not share these assets with the world.

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We encourage you to make use of "Special clustered soil" to improve your firm's (or organization's) business and work with us to give back to society.


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